Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Decorating

So I pulled out my fall decorations and started going to town on transforming my house into a comfy cozy fall atmosphere :).  First thing I had to do was to take down my Easter flag still hanging outside. :/  ('s not like I walk by it EVERY time I enter my home)  Anyway after I got out all of our decorations I decided I wanted some new rustic decorations to add to the mix.  I didn't want to buy anything so I pulled out some mason jars and went to raid my candle stash.  I found some votives to put in the mason jars, now I just needed a vase filler.  I had half a bag of popcorn seeds in the cupboard so I dumped them in and added a little raffia.  I am pretty pleased with these cute little candle holders!  
Next I started looking on Pinterest for Fall DIY decorations.  I can across a blog called The 36th Avenue which had a great list of 15 different pumpkin decorating ideas:
One of the links led me to another great blog, Today's Fabulous Finds where she had the complete tutorial on her awesome rustic 2 by 4 pumpkins:
I followed her tutorial step by step and absolutely love how they turned out!  I didn't cut a slab of wood to attach them all to simply because I didn't have one available to me.  I had the fabric scraps left over from another project so everything here was free!  :) My favorite part is when you distress the wood, it just makes such a difference! 
I decided to try one more pumpkin craft and found this DIY Pumpkin tutorial
Here I did have to buy the slabs of wood but other than that they were free!  Love them as well!
As you can see I used popcorn here too! :)
My last fall project was to make new fall pillow covers!  That will be my next post!

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