Saturday, November 22, 2014

Paper Snowflakes

I absolutely love these paper snowflakes hanging in my windows and they were soooo easy!  They are so pretty every time  I glance at my windows.  (Although now I feel like I need to clean my windows) Maybe once the weather warms back up for a bit I will be able to get outside. 

This Martha Stewart snowflake paper punch , these 3/16 in. glue dots, 4 sheets 12 by 12 white scrapbook paper and white thread are all you need to make these.   To hang them from the windows I used these Command Clear Decorating Hooks.

I turned my punch upside down while punching so I could get it as close as possible and get as many snowflakes as possible out of one sheet of scrapbook paper.  I used 4 pieces and got enough snowflakes for 3 windows.  I punched all the snowflakes out first!

I didn't get pictures of how I attached them but I just put a glue dot on the center of each snowflake and then stuck it to a piece of thread.  Glue dots are awesome.  The last snowflake on each strip might need an extra one on the tip so that it lays flat, you will see what I mean when you hang them.  I just alternated lengths 7-6-5 snowflakes on each strip. 

I love them! So wintery and fun!  My daughter likes to look at them too!  I think I might try to make a garland for the tree with these snowflakes too.  You can put paper through the sewing machine which would be very easy too.  I tried with the snowflakes but they were to delicate.  I think I might add a piece of cardstock to the back so I can sew them.  I tried one but haven't made the whole thing yet. Maybe this week!



avery street design said...

These are so beautiful!! I love the look of them en masse like that. What a simple and darling project!! I'm so glad you shared at Found & Foraged last week - I hope you'll come back tonight with more! xo, Laura

Kimberly Lewis said...

So cute! Pinned and tweeted. Lou Lou Girls