Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Chevron & Burlap Pillows!

 On my latest trip to JoAnn's Fabrics I was a little obsessed with all the great fabrics.  I love this burnt orange chevron with the thin line of gold, and of course the printed burlap is just great!  I was really excited about these two fall fabrics and decided to make envelope pillow covers. 

My living room pillow inserts are 18" by 18" so I bought 1/2 yard of fabric for each pillow.  I knew this would make the covers snug.  This size also makes it super easy because no cutting is needed.  Each piece of fabric was 18 in. by 42 in.  First I took  my piece of fabric out and folded in the 18in. edges in about an inch and pressed them with the iron.  The paint on the burlap got hot fast so I used a towel to cover but forgot to take a picture.  

Next I folded them in another inch and pinned them for sewing.

I just love the gold against the burlap!

I sewed a 1/4 of an inch from the inner edge, and did both sides.  I used a medium brown color thread that matched the burlap, it wasn't perfect but it was pretty close.

Then I overlapped the edges until it measured 18inches.  Some people will say to make it 19 inches to allow a little room but I like my pillow covers snug so I make them the same size as the pillow. 
Next I pinned the edges with the right sides together, after making sure that it measured 18 inches and that the hem was in the middle of the pillow. 
Next, turn the pillows right side out and add the inserts!  These pillow covers cost me $2.50 each and I can change them up each season!
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SO cute!!! thanks for linking up to Create LInk Inspire!!! You have been featured today on Nap-Time Creations!!! Emily